Nivea Case Study

In 2006 we started several studies were concluded with scents. Each study was done with varying levels of intensity of scents and with different spots.
Each spot ran between 2 and 4 weeks.

case study 2006/2007 Nivea

  • Subliminal deployment of scent, (original NIVEA-perfume)
  • Playout of existing commercial
  • On exit-interviews with visitors who saw the commercial with and without scent

Advertising impact: +25%

  • Conscious deployment of scent, (original NIVEA-perfume)
  • Playout of new taylor made commercial
  • Agency partners: BWA Hamburg / GFMO.OMD Hamburg
  • On exit-interviews with all visitors who saw the commercial with scent

Unaided recall: 6 - 37%

Advertising impact: +515%

Bookings until February 09

Twentieth Century Fox - Trailer to 27 Dresses               Germany

Beiersdorf – Nivea                                                               Germany

Unilever - Dove                                                                     Netherlands

Cadbury - Stimorol Chewing Gum                                   Netherlands

Unilever – Axe/Lynx                                                              Belgium

Unilever – Axe/Lynx                                                              Netherlands

Two Eurobest Awards ( Bronze) for scented NIVEA advertisement in cinemas.

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